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Private Investor Source International
3305 Northland DR Austin, TX 78731 US
Phone: 512-317-2249 Website:
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Welcome to Private Investor Source International, ​we are pleased to offer project funding through our affiliation with a large group of 470+ highly qualified Investors. Our mission is to introduce you to our Investor (s) so that you can achieve and obtain your funding and financing requirements, outside the scope of traditional lenders, to include Private Equity Partners, Private Lenders/Investors, Venture Funding, Purchase Programs, Leverage Programs, Hedge Funds, Private Money Lenders and more.  
Private Investor Source International  has streamlined the process into two basic steps that request a brief description of the project or venture.

First - All that is required to get started is a short due-diligence CIS/KYC Package (Client Information Sheet/Know Your Client) as required by the banking regulations and Homeland Security regulations.  We will email you the package upon request.

Second - You will be required to provide a three to four page summary of the project. Items to be included in the summary; name of  the signatory, his/hers qualifications for the intended project, amount of  funds needed, how the funds are to be used, what is the exit strategy, or how is the project generating income.

Our Program Administrator will review all required/submitted documents and will inform you of the project's acceptability. Once accepted we may request additional information, which could include a full business proposal/executive summary (if available). If you need assistance with your business plan we have partnered with resources to assist you.

Once the process has started the Program Administrator will update you on a weekly basis of the number of investors that have seen your summary and their responses.  Clients may receive an offer as soon as the 1st week, however, all investors are required to respond and it could take up to 120 days.  

We are a direct link to private investors / private money lenders.

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Copyright ©​  Private Investor Source International. DISCLAIMER: Private Investor Source International is NOT a United States Securities Dealer or Broker or U.S. Investment Advisor. Private Investor Source International is a Consultant/Introducer and makes no warranties or representations as to transactions presented, Buyer (s), Seller (s), Principals or Transactions (s). All due diligence regarding the parties introduce or any transactions resulting therefrom is the full responsibility of the Buyer and Seller and/or any and all Principals involved.   

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